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i'm going to miss the thrill of the chase. grandma?! [ giggles ] aughh!
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charlotte. age 8. >> an emotional show of support in the bay area, as hundreds gather to remember the 26 victims of friday's connecticut school shooting. good evening, i'm gasia mikaelian in for julie haener. >> i'm frank somerville, heavy hearts after that massacre at that school in connecticut. today, the first funerals there for two 6-year-old boys. new details about the investigation and the gunman's computer, and new calls to changes to gun laws following that shooting. we have live team coverage tonight. we begin in connecticut, with ktvu's john sasaki, on how that town is remembering its young victims. >> reporter: it is now 1:00 a.m.
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it is raining here. and yet there are still people here at the memorial at the base of the sandy hook christmas tree. this memorial has grown exponentially in the last few days. at the memorial, we met some sandy hook firefighters. >> we had a meeting, to talk through what we've seen. this helped. we came away feeling well. >> reporter: he said they are deeply moved by the show of support. >> i think at the end, we'll be stronger and grow as a community. >> reporter: two of the victims, the firefighters tried to help were laid to rest today. hundreds of people came together at the funeral home in newtown to say goodbye to 6- year-old football player, wrestler, and skier, jack pinto.
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>> it was real sad. >> reporter: flowers are in heavy demand this week for funerals and the many memorials that have popped up around town. this is alice's floorist in nearby bethel. >> you want to be able to help people at a time like this. i feel the flowers do comfort people. but this is so overwhelming. it's one of the things you read about, and it's not going to happen here. >> reporter: in the city of monroe, a middle school is going to serve as the temporary home for sandy hook elementary school when those kids go back to class. >> i think it's great for the kids. they need to go somewhere. this is close for them. it's great. >> reporter: every school in now town was closed today. but all district staff met at the high school to strategize their approach tomorrow when students come back. back here live, it is unclear
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when the students from sandy hook will return to class. live in sandy hook, john sasaki, ktvu, channel 2 news. the victims of the mass shooting were remembered on the peninsula tonight. heather holmes live in burlingame. that's where hundreds attended. >> reporter: she lives here now. while this small community is now her home, she wept for those back at her hometown, just as hundreds of others did when they came to this church tonight. >> charlotte bacon, age 6. >> reporter: newtown's tragedy became burlingame's sorrow, as the names and ages of all of those killed were read allowed. each followed by the ringing of a single bell, and the lighting of a candle. eight large candles for the school staff. gunman's mother, and the gunman himself who unleashed the
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terror. pastor paul wanted to provide an opportunity for people to share in their grief. >> when we have a crisis like this, the really important for us to be able to be with other people, and be able to acknowledge our feelings of sadness, or anger. >> reporter: as people prayed, and sang, their hearts were heavy. many fought back tears thinking about the horrific event. >> we pray for the family who is are grieving. we pray for those who are wounded, and recovering. we pray for those who protected others. and we pray for others who werenesses to this event. >> reporter: one person with a special bond in town is betty. she grew up there. her grief clearly visible. >> at a time like this, our country needs to be united, and feel like we're one. supporting each other. feeling good about that and feeling like there's hope.
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>> reporter: hope that those suffering such a loss will find comfort knowing that strangers thousands of miles away stand beside them. mother details now about another bay area candlelight vigil scheduled in pleasanton. tonight, the fbi is saying they couldn't retain any information from the computer of adam lanza. special electronics experts tried to piece it back together, but were not successful. they were hoping to get details on how he planned the shooting. those who knew adam lanza's mother, nancy describe her as a devoted mother to her two sons, and say she worked hard to help
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her son adam cope. one man said when adam was in school, and would shut down, and withdrawal from others, his mother would come to school, to try to coax him into interacting. nancy lanza kept weapons for self-defense, saying she was concerned with what is called prepping. those are people who are prepared in case of major emergencies. >> talked about prepping. you know, are you ready for what can happen down the line when the economy collapses? >> however, friends say nancy was not a survivalist, and they describe her as generous, not only to her children, but to her friends as well. stay with the 10:00 news tonight at 10:30, we go live to connecticut once again for more on the other young boy who was laid to rest today. plus hundreds of weapons. the bay area gun buy back prom being called the most successful of its kind here. and at 10:35, aspbergers syndrome. why psychologies say it does not explain the gun violence in
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connecticut. calling for a national discussion on gun control. joe mansion of west virginia is a life long member of the nra, and he says everything should be on the table. senator dianne feinstein of california says she will introduce legislation to ban the sale of new assault weapons. state senator leeland ye says he will reintroduce a bill. >> unfortunately, gun manufacturers found a loophole in that particular law by creating, and modifying these assault weapons with a bullet button. >> another piece of leming slags being considered in sacramento deals with how schools prepare for information, such as a gunman on the loose. in los gatos, a new store is opening, and among the things it will be selling are
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guns. what happened in tonight's council meeting? >> reporter: templar sports is expected to open at the end of the month. university avenue has an electric mix of businesses. templar sports service includes the sale of firearms. >> these represent an unnecessary threat to this community. particularly children. >> i do believe that the owners, and operators of templar sports will conduct their business professionally, with integrity, and concern for the residents of los gatos. >> the issue wasn't on the agenda. several people showed up to voice their opinion on the new store. the town manager says los gatos could not prevent temp lar sports from opening. opponents say they're upset the
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issue was never presented to the public. some speakers reference the connecticut mass shooting to make their points. >> i can't sleep now because of what happened on the east coast. >> the horrible tragic events that happened last week, had more to do with the person than it had to do with the gun. >> i had been wondering why i was dragging my kids down here at bed time to voice my disappointment over this, but then friday happened, and i realized, how important this issue really is. >> the mayor scheduled a discussion about the permitting process for stores selling firearms for february. any decision would not impact templar sports unless the business expanded, or moved. matt keller, ktvu, channel 2 news. new video tonight after a fire broke out in a restaurant inside the west hill mall in san francisco. firefighters say the call came in about 8:15. when they arrived, they found smoke in the building.
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they evacuated the building as they searched for the cause. within a few minutes, they were able to locate the source of the smoke. it was a fire inside a restaurant. shoppers were allowed back in. two pedestrians were badly injured in oakland this evening, near lake merritt. police say both were taken to the hospital. one in critical condition, the other with serious injuries. they were in the crosswalk of grand avenue when they were hit at 20 minutes until 7:00. there was a prius on the scene with the front bumper damaged. protesters calling for the immediate closing of a 7- eleven. the store sits on the former site of a deli that closed down in august of 2010. protesters say because of city zoning laws, the site should have reverted back to residential zoning after the
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deli closed. >> that 7-eleven has parachuted in against the city's own laws. that's why we're here. we believe the city has actually not followed its own laws. >> the mayor of san mateo says he supports an outside investigation. it's gooding good and cold tonight. >> a bay area teen shot and killed hours after taking his senior class pictures. the holiday donation his classmates are making in his name. >> only on 2. >> one here, and another over here. >> a bay area man created an elaborate christmas display in his yard. the surprising centerpiece he says thieves stole. look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy
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has more speed options, reliability and ways to connect. rethink possible. the teenager victim of a street slaying in san francisco is now identified as a star student athlete from the east bay. ken wayne live at concord high school tonight with how that community is coming together to mourn. >> reporter: montrell blakely attended, but he diedsome distance away, he was found dead on a san francisco street. even though about 1500 students attend this campus. many of them say they knew this stand out athlete quite well. the prints arrived today. montrell blakely's senior pictures taken on saturday. just a few hours after this photo session, his body was found on osciola lane.
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police say he was found shot at least once in the head. >> a great guy. a kid with a 3.6 gpa. >> reporter: makely had a promising future on the football field, and in college. >> i didn't know it would bring us here to the point where we experience the violence and untimely death of a young man that should never, a mother should never be trying to bury her child. >> reporter: blakely as father reportedly lives into the bay view. >> i'm still kind of in shocked. it was three days ago, we were all screwing around at lunch. >> reporter: crisis intervention met with teens today to try to help them cope with the news. the football team met with the counselors first. >> at first, when i learned, it was very shocking. he was very easy to hang out with. >> reporter: now they plan to
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donate christmas trees to needy family's in montrell's name. >> everybody wanted to be around him all the time. a good person, good friend, good to me. >> reporter: a candlelight vigil will be held at the football field here at concord high school friday night at 7:00. students from all over contra costa county are expected to attend. live in concord, ken wayne, ktvu, channel 2 news. a san francisco mother is under arrest tonight after her 16-year-old daughter died on the streets of the bay view. the teen was found unconscious yesterday afternoon near the corner of jennings street. police say she only had a faint pulse when she was found. paramedics could not revive her. officers went to the girl's home and found signs of abuse, and arrested her mother there, 46-year-old heidi heidelberg. the city is hoping to slap an injunction against a man.
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the city has cited an illegal auto body shop and an illegalling site. last friday, the city attorney requested a preliminary injunction. >> we have a record going back years of calls for service from the police department, from the fire department, notices of violation being given out by a variety of city agencies. >> spoke with a ktvu reporter last month when some of his cars caught fire. one tenant says he charges $1,000 a month for one room, with no stove and no bathroom. it was a good day on wall street. investors were encouraged. a deal may be in place to help
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avoid that fiscal cliff. the president gave speaker boehner a new offer that is said to be close to the one the speaker proposed. speaker boehner is set to meet with house republicans tomorrow morning. there are still obstacles to overcome. in the north bay, a homeowner with a real scrooge story. someone has stolen the live christmas tree that was growing right in his front yard. only on 2. >> reporter: this busy yard once had three pines and a little grove. now there are none. >> in somebody's living room. >> reporter: chuck mains is talking about the 7-foot pine he decorated in early december. >> it looks like they just broke it off. >> reporter: stolen over the weekend, while i was home. >> there was one here. one here, and there was another one over there. >> reporter: he planted three
10:19 pm
pines a few years ago. one died, a second was swiped from behind his picket fence last christmas. and now scattered ornaments, all that's left of the third. >> do you have any suspects? >> no. >> they took your lights too? >> the nerve. >> reporter: a norfolk pine this size costs about $200. it's not about the money. >> we lost our grandson a few years ago, a couple days after christmas. so that's originally why we started putting up all the lights. >> that was discouraging. i know the tree has meant to him, as far as a grandson that passed away from cancer. they commemorate it to him. it's sad. >> the neighbors in thed, the cheer disappeared. >> that's kind of mean. >> i don't know if i'm going to plant more trees or not. >> he says he's been downsizing his decorations anyway, because of increased vandalism. as for whoever snapped his tree, or both trees out of the
10:20 pm
ground -- >> i would have bought them a tree. if they would have knocked on my door, i would have bought them a tree. it wouldn't be the first time i bought somebody a christmas tree. >> reporter: chuck mains tells me, next year he may just settle for stringing the lights on his porch, but he won't let this theft ruin his holiday spirit. today, two san francisco police officers spoke for the first time about saving a newborn who wasn't breathing. they say waiting for an ambulance would have taken too long. they put the newborn in their cruiser and raced to the hospital. >> i could see him doing the cpr. i could hear him crying and talking to the baby. just telling the baby to come back and breathe. so yeah, that's something i'll never forget. >> officer cloud and officer steven gritsch found the infant in the arms of a man who said the baby's mother had just given birth early last wednesday. the baby's face was blue, and
10:21 pm
wasn't breathing. because of their quick response, the baby is alive, and in stable condition tonight. the 39-year-old mother will be arraigned tomorrow on charges of child cruelty, and abandonment. ♪ [ music ] it's going to be a cold one out there tonight. no rain falling in the bay area. most of the showers now confined to the foothills. a winter storm warning remains in effect on the west slope of the sierra nevada through about midnight tonight. not chaining up on 80, but screening for chains. on 50, they are chaining up right now. it's cold in the mountains. it's going to be cold here tomorrow morning. we're going to take a look at some of the rain headed back into the forecast. a ruling tonight in a legal battle between apple, and samsung. plus new fees for fliers. >> every four years, this happened. i'm one of the lucky ones.
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>> the final tally that makes president obama's reelection official. good morning! wow.
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election night has come and gone, but the official ballots hadn't been cast until today, when the electoral college voted. ken pritchett was in sacramento, and showed us how the unseen, but historic vote took place there. >> reporter: when she took the oath of office, she was helping to finish what we started on election night. the reelection of a president. she is one of 55 members of california's electoral college. >> one in 55 votes is an amazing thing. every four years this happens. i'm one of the lucky ones. >> reporter: on the assembly floor, the delegates gather. miriam picked by pete stark, as a young woman, a democrat, who
10:25 pm
commits to service. >> that to me means everything. >> this is an amazing part of the presidential election process. >> reporter: electors are pledged to is certain candidate based on the election day vote. it is rare for so-called faithless electors to break that pledge. >> 55 yes, no, none. >> reporter: there is no suspense, but this vote is historic, because we do not elect a president districtly on election night. it happens here. >> their votes count. that's what's most important. >> reporter: her signed ballot will be placed in the national archives after congress officially counts these ballots on january 6, ahead of the
10:26 pm
inauguration. a blow to apple today in its patent battle against samsung. a judge denied the request for a permanent ban on 26 samsung devices. the judge said just a few of those features violate apple patents. apple iphone users did not waste any time getting their hands on the google apps. apple replaced google maps three months ago, but it suffered from accuracy issues. it also lacked public transportation information. right now, you can see where your friends have been recently. the new version, which is scheduled for release tonight,
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include nearby businesses like restaurants. you may have seen all of those southwest airlines commercials about how bags fly free. that's changing. sort of. southwest is now raising the price for a third checked bag. those fees go up from $25 to $75. early check in will also cost 1250 now instead of $10. failing to cancel a ticket will now cost a fee. no word on how much that will cost. we'll tell you why san francisco and oakland police say a recent gun buy back program exceeded their wildest expectations. >> but up first, we'll go back to connecticut. the difficult task of burying two young boys. [ female announcer ] here's to a whole world
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continuing coverage of the connecticut school shootings, and the burial today of two boys. telling us more about noah, and jack. >> reporter: hi there, good evening. rain and clouds ushered in another very painful day here in newtown, connecticut. one mother said today as she delivered a eulogy, it seems the skies are crying for her young son. >> you try to feel their pain, but you can't. you try to find some words that you hope will be adequate, knowing that they'll be inadequate, and you see little coffins, and your heart has to ache. >> reporter: white balloons, signaling a difficult task for the family and friends of 6- year-old noah pozner laid to rest today. his 6-year-old sister survived the rampage. >> his older brother said he
10:31 pm
could have been anything. >> you tell them their community, their state and their nation, dare i say the whole world stands with them. >> reporter: 6-year-old nick pinto with a giants uniform. on capitol hill, the u.s. senate and the house of representatives observing moments of silence. with heavy hearts, signaling their grief. >> let each of us affirm we will keep in our hearts and honor those who fell. >> reporter: there is so much mourn in this town. local flower shops say they're running out of flowers, and there are so many more funerals in the coming days, including one tomorrow for a 6-year-old girl named jessica. jennifer davis, ktvu, channel 2
10:32 pm
news. the california teacher's pension fund is reviewing an investment a gun maker linked to the school shootings. they pledged money to a private equity firm. connecticut police where identified a bushmaster rifle as one of those used in the newtown massacre. they're discussing the investment with the private firm. the massacre may be the reason why gun buy backs this weekend in oakland, and san francisco were the most successful they've ever had. who donated the money to buy back all of those guns, and how many they took off the streets. oakland, and san francisco police showed off just a fraction of the guns they have taken. >> it could be concealed by somebody in a jacket. or used on the street. >> reporter: the school shooting at sandy hook was on everyone's mind. >> one officer told me he
10:33 pm
overheard a woman talking about who watched the news about the shooting, and happened to go in her closet, and saw a shotgun laying there. >> reporter: the owner of a medical marijuana dispensary donated the cash to buy back the guns. roughly 300 from oakland. another 300 from san francisco. >> as buy backs go, this far and away exceeds any buy back we've ever done before, and i think it's completely because folks wanted to get these guns out of their houses. >> reporter: oakland's mayor says getting these guns off the streets is a good start, but stressed that she believes the country needs stricter gun controls. >> we're glad to take these guns off the street. there are still, many, many, many guns out there, and in the hands of young people. >> reporter: they say they're seeing a steady stream of young people killed by gun violence, one at a time. they say it's like a slow motion tragedy. in oakland, christian kasten,
10:34 pm
ktvu, channel 2 news. a florida man who hacked into the online accounts of celebrities was sentenced to 10 years in prison today. christopher cheney pleaded guilty to the hackings of the emails of scarlett johansson, mila kunis, and issued nude photos on the internet. more californians are expected to get out of town for the holidays than in the past six years. 11.7million people will travel. 10million will be driving during the christmas and new year's holidays. 950,000 people are expected to fly. that is an increase of more than 4% over last year. the u.s. postal service says today is the busiest day of the year for them. today is the final day to ship holiday packages by standard post if you want them to arrive
10:35 pm
in time for christmas. the post office estimates about 658 million packages were mailed today alone. this friday is the last day for private mail guarantee for christmas delivery. and saturday is the last day for an express mail guarantee. the post office estimates by christmas it will have delivered 18 billion packages. a survey find by visa finds bay area residents are lagging behind when it comes to shopping. compared to nationwide, 73% still have gifts to buy. visa says 16% of "bay area people" haven't even started shopping yet. senator daniel inouye from hawaii died today. he was a world war ii hero, and medal of honor winner. he lost an arm after being hit by a german grenade. the senator played key roles
10:36 pm
into the investigations into the iran contra scandals, and watergate. he died of respiratory complications at a hospital in washington. californians need to know about some new laws going into effect january 1. one of them allows drivers to use hands free driving to talk and text while driving. if a driver arrested for driving under the influence, that driver no longer has the option of taking a urine test. previously, they could opt for a blood, or urine test. scientists at jpl in pasadena applauded, as twin probes crashed into the surface of the moon. the scientists want them smashing into other moon landing sites, so they picked a crash location near the moon's north pole. they're just 12 and 13 years old. the rifle, they're accused of stealing in one bay area neighborhood today, and what police say they plan to do with
10:37 pm
it. back here in just about ten minutes. i'm going to look at the rainfall total, and then go looking for more rain, because it's headed your way. back with the five-day forecast, and there's rain in it. plus, she was tied, and abandoned. the search for clues about an injured spaniel.
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a 13-year-old boy is behind bars after the threats of a loaded rifle and threats against police. the teen, and a second boy broke into a home on irene drive and grabbed the rifle. an alert citizen saw them running across columbus parkway with the rifle and called police. the chp helped vallejo police
10:40 pm
set up a perimeter, and that's how they caught the two. the older boy is the one below said something disturbing. >> one of the juveniles said he was loading the riffle and he was going to use it on police officer r police officers if they got close to him. the search is on tonight for a man who robbed a wells- fargo bank in the south bay. morgan hill police released this surveillance video of the robber today. the robbery happened just before 2:00 p.m. on saturday, at a branch on monterey road. police say the man gave the teller a note, demanding money, and said he had a gun. although no gun was seen. the family of a san lorenzo man run down and killed by a hit and run driver was in court. police say the prowler intentionally hit him and drove
10:41 pm
off. he died three days later. his brother is a long time ktvu photographer. he wants people to know there is a $50,000 reward for information. >> we are looking for some help. we know that somebody knows what happened. this could not have been the smartest crook in the world. he had to have told somebody. we're just hoping whoever that somebody is, will come forward and give us a tip that we need. >> this is a police sketch of the hit-and-run driver. he was driving a light colored cadillac with the dark colored top from the '70s, or '80s. the off duty chp officer killed in a head on collision last week, is being remembered by his commander tonight as a man with a big heart, who took his job very seriously, especially when it came to saving lives. 38-year-old officer john fanini died in fairfield. the chp said he had been with the department for 15 years.
10:42 pm
he was riding his motorcycle when he clipped a turning pickup truck and was thrown off his motorcycle. he died on the scene. hoping to find who abandoned an old, and wounded spaniel. she had a severe open wound. thanks to a samaritan, she is now healing properly. they want to find her owner. a cyclone tore across fiji today. it toppled trees and power lines. some 3500 residents were advantage waited from their homes. no deaths have been reported. the -- this was fiji's biggest cyclone in 20 years.
10:43 pm
in ecuador, a volcano came loose. people living near it reported hearing roaring sounds that rattled their windows. residents began evacuating after officials declared an eruption alert. the volcano's name translates to throat of fire. in india, a funeral was held for the nurse caught in the hoax about britain's duchess of cambridge and committed suicide. in one of her suicide notes, she reportedly criticized the hospital staff for their treatment of her. aspberger's syndrome and the treatment used in the bay area. plus, a holiday food giveaway in the south bay. what organizers say they really need right now. >> how cold your neighborhood will get. >> a reminder, you can get ktvu news to go. download the ktvu app. click on the live icon, and watch all of our newscasts live
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the gunman in the connecticut shooting was said to be diagnosed with aspberger's syndrome. why mental health experts say how ryan lanza was treated by his peers could have impacted his actions. >> reporter: as a child, adam lanza reportedly diagnosed with aspberger's syndrome. but that does not explain the violence. two years ago, i introduced you to johan gate, age 8. he's bright, but socially challenged. >> just panicked a lot. he screams a lot. cried a lot. when he's trying to hurt himself, i knew it was time to look for some answers. >> reporter: they often lack
10:47 pm
the ability to make friends. >> they may become targets of bullying, and social oft civil. >> reporter: he says bullying, and frustration may very well end up explaining adam lanza's violent outburst. >> we often treat people so bad they have little recourse but to be enraged. some people with aspbergers have committed violent acts. i don't think it's even as common as it is in the general population. >> reporter: the doctor says he's successfully treated dozens of autistic children with intensive therapy, helping them integrate into mainstream schools. former president george h.w. bush is on the mend, and should be out of the hospital in time for christmas. that's the word from doctors in texas who say his condition has been improving. he's been recovering from the
10:48 pm
lingering effects of bronchitis since november 23. doctors said he is focusing on a physical therapy program to regain his strength. doctors also say they're still trying to determine the exact date for when he will be released. a south bay charity has begun it's food give away. it's going to take several days to distribute the turkeys and trimmings. they are very short on toys for children of all ages. >> it's tougher for the older kids, because the presents are more expensive. it's harder to get for the older kids. >> sacred heart says it only has about half the toys it will need. the men low park district put on this display showing it just takes seconds for a dry
10:49 pm
christmas tree to go up in flames. they recommend keeping your tree stem full of water, and keeping it for no more than three weeks. u.s. fire departments respond to an average of 333 christmas tree fires every year. causing an average of 4 deaths every year. we had a wet morning, rainfall accumulations a quarter inch to a half inch. right now, nothing but clearing skies. with those clearing conditions, it's going to be cool overnight. the current temperatures from 46 up in santa rosa. 40 in napa. 46 in concord. the dew point temperatures are upper 30s, low 40s. that's kind of high. that's about as low as temperatures are going to get tonight. lots of mid-30s. some low 30s. most spots, like santa rosa, down to 35 degrees. something like that. it's going to be cold tonight. much colder as we head into wednesday morning, when the dew
10:50 pm
points will be lower. so rainfall accumulations, how did we do? we've got some more. a half inch in santa rosa. 2inches in the santa cruz mountains. 136% of average for san francisco. 141% in san jose. and 147% in santa rosa. last year at this time, we were doing 40% of average. that's kind of a rough average. we were well below average. 40% of average, as opposed to over 120%. tonight it's going to be cold. tomorrow, partly sunny, dry. next couple of days are dry for you. cool in the morning hours. cool because of this low pressure system deposited all of its cool air. it's going to sit there, and hang out. we could see frost the next couple of mornings. wednesday morning will be the coldest. tomorrow morning, the kids will inside jackets, as they head out the door. vallejo, 35. 35 in concord. it will be down as we go into
10:51 pm
wednesday morning as the atmosphere dries a little bit. a cold start. here we are tomorrow morning, here we are tomorrow afternoon. here we are wednesday morning. here we are wednesday afternoon. all good. cold start. then we get into wednesday evening. you start to see some development up here. this is the beginning of real rain. thursday night, into friday, especially the friday morning commute, it's going to be pretty wet. thursday afternoon's commute as well. this will be some significant rainfall accumulations. maybe a couple inches. 3inches of rain. the forecast highs tomorrow look like overnight lows. upper 40s, and low 50s. on wednesday, we are looking at temperatures just peaking at 50. thursday and friday looks like the main event. the weekend is unsettled. we will get some accumulation on thursday, friday. >> will this be the coldest we've been yet this season?
10:52 pm
>> maybe tomorrow morning i think we get colder. tomorrow morning will be cold, especially in the north valley. toy maker hasbro has heard the cry of consumers, and intends to make a gender neutral easy-bake oven. the petition was started by a 13-year-old girl from new jersey, after she went shopping for an easy bake oven for her 4- year-old brother, and found they only came in purple and pink. hasbro says the silver and black model will be ready for the market by next fall. >> stay with us, sports is next. have a good night. here you go. you, too.
10:53 pm
i'm going to dream about that steak. i'm going to dream about that tiramisu. what a night, huh? but, um, can the test drive be over now? head back to the dealership? [ male announcer ] it's practically yours. but we still need your signature. volkswagen sign then drive is back. and it's never been easier to get a passat. that's the power of german engineering. get $0 down, $0 due at signing, $0 deposit, and $0 first month's payment on any new volkswagen. visit today.
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$50,000 shopping spree this afternoon at the target in culma. olympic gold medal swimmer, and a's pitcher, bruce billens were among the elves helping out. they will all be donated to the salvation army, and the group children of shelters. our sports correcter, mark ibanez joining us now. >> they're going to be talking
10:56 pm
about this thing a long time. at least until next sunday. you have to win on the road, horrendous weather. even messed up tom brady's hair a little bit. most entertaining victory last night. the 49er fans glad it will not be remembered as one of the best comebacks ever by tom brady. the return from michael james, then the hookup from colin kaepernick. nice move. game deciding touchdown. threat get a big nod of respect from the coach. >> there's never a time with our team that you see the evidence that it's getting to them, or that you know, they're pointing fingers at one another. both teams really, really wanted to show that they were the better team, and it was a great game. it was an exciting game.
10:57 pm
meanwhile tonight, not exactly a titanic monday evening match up. but it had its moments like this. tennessee turns chris johnson loose in the 2nd quarter. 94yards, and gone. he had 122 on the night. that's the longest run from scrimmage in the nfl since 2006. jets won't be in the playoffs. now that san jose state has their football program back on the map, they'd like to make sure it stays just there. the school feels they've got just the guy to do that too. ron kerriger the man chosen to take over the program mike mcentire resurrected. he knows something about coming on board to a strong program. he's the guy who replaced jim harbaugh, after harbaugh left to take the job at stanford. >> every year is different. there will be a number of seniors that will graduate from this team, and we'll have to
10:58 pm
find out our chemistry, and our team leadership and work from there. that's the challenge of coaching, and why we do it. of course he's not the kind of guy to gloat or focus on the revenge factor, but you know deep down, jeremy lin feeling pretty satisfied with the way his return to madison square garden went tonight. tonight, he's in their face, assisting james harden right there. harden led everybody with 28. lin does it himself. this time, two of his 22 coming up. also, 8 assists. the knicks have their ten game home win streak ended. santiago casilla, he will be back in the giants bullpen. that's the sporting life for a monday night. >> thank you for trusting ktvu's channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> right now, several firefighters are exposed for exposure to a harmful chemical. see you tomorrow morning at 4:30.
10:59 pm
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